Source: Redmi will release a smartphone with 5G, which will run on a MediaTek processor

Xiaomi has already released several flagship devices with 5G this year. Next year the manufacturer is preparing

more than 10 such smartphones, including inexpensive ones under the Redmi brand.

What is known

A Chinese insider spoke on a social networkWeibo that the Xiaomi sub-brand is now working on a Redmi smartphone with support for the fifth generation network. The new product will come with a MediaTek processor. The source did not provide any other information about the device. It is possible that such a device will be one of the smartphones in the future flagship Redmi K30 line.

Let us remind you that MediaTek now has its own SoC with 5G,however, it has not yet entered the market. The chipset is built on a 7-nanometer process technology and has a built-in Helio M70 modem. It operates on all available networks and supports standalone and non-standalone network architectures (HPUE, SA and NSA).

Do you know that

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