South African strain COVID-19 found in two Russians

There were identified 28 isolates belonging to the British variant, 2 - belonging to the South African variant;

no isolates belonging to the Brazilian variant have been identified. In 16 cases, other mutations were identified.

Rospotrebnadzor Press Service

In addition, experts have found 16 other mutations, the department added.

The press service notes that earlier specialists examined more than 8.1 thousand samples of clinical material.

In particular, we are talking about citizens of Russia,who arrived from abroad, or had contact with visitors, as well as patients with resistance to treatment, children under five years of age with severe forms of coronavirus.

Recall that earlier scientists found out that the newthe coronavirus strain, which was found at the end of 2020 in South Africa, has a number of mutations. They make it easier for the virus to enter human cells and spread, avoiding the immune response. Read more about what we know about the new strain here.

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