Space perfume appeared

The author of the perfume was Steve Pearce, a chemist and head of the company engaged in the creation of natural flavors.

The researcher began working with NASA in 2008 - for example, he created the smell of the interior of the Mir station.

He collects money to create perfumes onKickstarter crowdfunding platform - he has already managed to raise 300 thousand dollars. After the end of the campaign, he promises to release the fragrance “Eau de Space” in free sale at an affordable price.

In the promotional video, astronauts in more detaildiscuss the unique smell of space. In creating the fragrance, Pierce relied on these tales and the recollections of astronauts who described the smell of space as “a mixture of hot metal, ozone, and fried steak.”

Initially, these spirits were supposed to help.astronauts during training, when they adapt to outer space before launch. However, later, NASA decided to make it accessible to everyone and launched crowdfunding for the implementation of the project.

“Thanks to determination, endurance, luck and the Law onfreedom of information (FOIA), we developed this smell, says the project page. “So that more people can get it, the company cooperates with the best perfumers and experts in the field of fashion, technology, design.”

Initially, the project required 2 thousand. dollars, but researchers have already raised more than 300 thousand dollars. The first batch of perfume will appear in October - first it will be delivered to those who pre-order. NASA already plans to release another perfume - with a "moon scent."

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