Space Perspective opens booking for a flight to the stratosphere in a hot air balloon

Tourists will be in a sealed capsule, which will rise 30 km thanks to a huge air

ball. The ship accommodates eight passengers and a pilot, and the cost of one seat on it is $ 125,000.

The flight duration will be six hours: during this time it will be possible to see the Earth against the background of the darkness of outer space. The balloon flight will not overload passengers and will go smoothly.

The Neptune spacecraft will be slow (19km / h) ascend with a ball the size of a football stadium. It will rise above the Earth's troposphere so that tourists can experience the experience of astronauts seeing our planet in the darkness of space.

Jane Poynter, co-founder of Space Perspective

Technically, Space Perspective has no plans to send humans into real space. The company wants to fly up to 30 thousand meters in height - this is much lower than the accepted height of the "edge of space".

Commercial flights of the Neptune are due to begin by the end of 2024. The company performed its first test flight of the capsule last week.

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