Space tourism is bad for the climate, scientists say

Space tourism is a concept that develops every year. In just the last few weeks

we witnessed two impressive privatemissions. The first flight was made by Virgin Galactic, and a few days later Jeff Bezos was also able to travel over the planet and land successfully.

The number of people willing to pay for a ticket thatwill make them part of future Virgin Galactic and Blue Origin flights, and will also increase significantly. It is expected that in the coming years, many space tourists will participate in flights that will reveal a breathtaking view of the Earth, seen from space.

However, sending people into orbit using privatemissions can create serious problems for the planet's climate. This concern is already shared by scientists and experts who have been analyzing data from Virgin Galactic and Blue Origin flights in recent weeks.

The situation could become even more aggravated if such flights are launched several times a year.

According to analysts from Northern Sky Research,Virgin Galactic's suborbital flight lasting about 90 minutes creates pollution equivalent to a 10-hour transatlantic flight. Some scholars find these facts very disturbing.

Virgin Galactic spacecraftis a hybrid system that leaves behind a thick cloud of soot and chemical compounds. Other NASA and Blue Origin spacecraft use similar rocket motors that use liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen to create thrust.

Low-Earth orbit pollution could be an even bigger problem given Virgin Galactic's desire to actively develop space tourism and turn it into a billion-dollar business.

Source: space

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