Space tourists will be sent to the ISS twice a year: the flight will take up to 30 days

The standard program lasts up to ten days. It can be increased at the request of the tourist. Specialists

Glavkosmos are ready to select an individual program for staying on the ISS for everyone. The maximum duration of the trip is 30 days.

The basic program includes medical examination, training, flight, stay on the ISS, return and post-flight rehabilitation. An additional option is a spacewalk.

Potential customers wishing to go on a space tour to the ISS can contact the company's managers directly on the website to learn more about the proposed flight programs.

It is assumed that the manned spacecraft Soyuz MS will be used for the flight, to launch which the Soyuz-2.1a launch vehicle will be used.

Detailed information about space flights can be found here.

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