SpaceX announced the destruction of the Crew Dragon capsule during testing

Crew Dragon is one of the ships created as part of NASA's spacecraft development program

private companies. It can accommodate four to seven people, but during the test launch there are no passengers inside the ship.

SpaceX is testing the Crew Dragonto prepare the device for sending NASA astronauts to and from the International Space Station as part of the program for creating space crews commercial crews.

April 20th was reported that the company lostthe capsule during ground tests - two and a half months before the scheduled flight to the ISS. Now the vice-president of FlightX for flight maintenance, Hans Königsmann, has officially confirmed this information.

According to Koenigsmann, no one was injured during the explosion of the capsule, and he called the cause of the accident an “anomaly”.

Earlier, SpaceX submitted an application to the Federal Commissionon communications (FCC) for the construction of six ground stations for the project on the distribution of satellite Internet Starlink. Stations may be needed in case of “problems” - which ones, it is not disclosed.