SpaceX conducted the first tests of the second stage of the Starship rocket with the inclusion of the engine

Elon Musk presented the concept of the interplanetary spacecraft Starship, formerly called BFR, in 2016.

It is planned that Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa will use it to fly to the Moon as a space tourist in 2019.

Starship - the name of the second stage and at the same timespacecraft, and the first stage is called Super Heavy. Earlier, SpaceX conducted the first successful tests of the Raptor engine in Super Heavy, now the company has tested the Starship engine.

As part of testing the Raptor engine worked for a few seconds, after which it was turned off. Just in case, SpaceX tied the prototype to the launch pad with cables.

By design, both stages have their ownengines due to the fact that the booster is being developed as reusable. The differences of the first stage from the second one are that the Super Heavy (or Starhopper) has three Raptor engines instead of seven.

Earlier it was reported that a strong wind at the airportSpaceX near the city of Boca Chica in Texas destroyed the mockup of the Starship spacecraft. A model made of stainless steel was introduced on January 5th. The prototype is designed for testing at low altitudes - no more than 1.5 thousand meters, and high-altitude tests at an altitude of more than 5 km were planned for the working version of Starship.