SpaceX for the first time caught a half of the Falcon Heavy head fairing into the network

The head fairing of the Falcon rocket, 13 m long and 5.2 m in diameter, costs SpaceX $6 million. The fairing is needed for protection

the payload of the launch vehicle from acoustic and thermal effects during take-off, but after launch this part falls off from the spacecraft.

SpaceX and a half years trying to catch parts of the fairing in a special network, stretched into the sea. Once the fairing landed just 50 m from a taut net.

Information about the condition of the caught part of the fairingnot yet. Also, SpaceX was unable to land the first-stage central accelerating unit on a floating platform in the ocean, only accelerating engines made a successful landing.

Earlier, SpaceX dropped into the ocean attransportation to Florida, the first stage of the super-heavy Falcon Heavy rocket, which successfully launched the Arabsat-6A telecommunications satellite on April 12, after which it independently landed on the platform at sea.