SpaceX has successfully completed the second firing tests of the Starship SN11 prototype

Three Raptor engines were fired at the Boca Chica Cosmodrome in Texas. They took place at 9:56 am

Eastern Time (16:56 GMT). SN11 can be raised to a maximum altitude of about 10 km.

The prototype launch is scheduled for March 24th.

SpaceX tried to fire the Starship SN11 on March 15, but they were eventually aborted. FTS charges were installed on SN11 tonight, March 23rd.

The company expects Starship SN11 to be the first prototype to land and not explode like the previous three versions.

Starship SN11 is the newest prototype builtSpaceX to test the systems needed to create a huge, fully reusable system that will consist of the recoverable Starship and the same reusable 70-meter Super Heavy first stage.

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