SpaceX plans to launch its first commercial spacecraft by 2021

SpaceX Vice President Jonathan Hofeller (Jonathan Hofeller) called the approximate launch date of the SpaceX spacecraft

Starship. According to him, the company is already negotiating with three clients regarding the first commercial flight.

What is known

The development of Starship involved two teamswhich are based in Texas and Florida. The booster carrier of the future device will be the Super Heavy accelerator (Big Falcon Rocket or BFR before renaming). It is able to bring about 20 tons of cargo to a geostationary orbit and more than 100 tons to a near-earth orbit. The same carrier is planned to be used for the delivery of payloads to the Moon and Mars.

A test launch is likely to take place already this year, a full-fledged commercial flight is planned by 2021.