SpaceX receives approval to launch 7,500 Starlink Gen 2 satellites - FCC slow to approve request to launch 30,000 satellites

In the near future, SpaceX may build the number of Starlink satellites in orbit.

What is known

The Federal Office for Communications (FFC) has issuedby Elon Musk, permission to launch 7,500 second-generation Starlink Gen 2 satellites at altitudes of 525, 530 and 535 km. Their deployment will provide access to satellite Internet for smartphones.

SpaceX now has 3,500 satellites in orbit.the first generation, which China does not like very much. The company wants to get permission to put 30,000 spacecraft into Earth orbit, but the FCC is in no hurry to approve the request.

Commission fears increase in space debrisin orbit. SpaceX rivals, including Amazon Kuiper Viasat and DISH, oppose Elon Musk's company launching 30,000 satellites into orbit. However, the final decision will be made after the grouping is replenished with 7500 Starlink Gen 2 devices.