SpaceX will distribute the Internet at a speed of 350 Mbps in the plane

SpaceX's official Twitter posted a message about the imminent launch of a new service - Starlink Aviation. Company

promises to provide high-speed Internet access in a number of aircraft throughout the entire flight from 2023.

On the project page on the company websiteit is claimed that the Internet connection will be available in flight over land and water, as well as on the ground during taxiing, takeoff and landing. At the same time, the company promises global coverage and notes the advantages over traditional services. Because satellites are in low Earth orbit, there are always satellites in the vicinity of an aircraft. This will provide a strong signal at high latitudes and in polar regions, unlike geostationary satellites, the company notes.

SpaceX says speed access will beup to 350 Mbps, and the delay is only 20 ms. To connect to the program, it will be necessary to install special equipment on board the aircraft. The company reports that it has already received flight safety certificates for a large number of aircraft models.

According to Aviacionline, during a recentOn a test flight, Starlink Aviation was able to achieve 100 Mbps internet speed on board. But the company believes that this is not the limit and promises higher speed after launch.

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