SpaceX will no longer catch rocket fairings

SpaceX will no longer catch rocket fairings for reuse. Engineers note that

this approach has "limited effectiveness", it is more profitable for the company to send parts of the missiles into the ocean, and then catch them from there with the help of ships.

Earlier, the company noted that the interceptionfairings would reduce the harmful effects of seawater and corrosion. This is important because the fairings are part of the rocket nose cone and protect the payload that is sent into orbit. However, engineers can completely rebuild the fairing - for example, the last time they did it eight months ago.

The company believed that the recovery programSpaceX fairings have been successful for a while. According to statistics, they caught only 9 fairings, although they made 50 attempts and practiced these maneuvers for years.

Now SpaceX will rebuild andrepair fairings that fell into the ocean. While salt water will erode them over time, the company believes it will be faster and more profitable than catching missile parts.

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