SpaceX will take astronauts to the moon in 2024

NASA has contracted SpaceX to deliver astronauts to the moon. Its cost is $ 2.9 billion,

engineers should spend it on the construction of a spacecraft that should fly to Earth's satellite by 2024. Another contender for the contract was Blue Origin.

The American Space Agency has concludedcontract for the first commercial liner under the Artemis program. NASA did not share detailed terms of reference, but the device will send two astronauts to the moon.

“We need to make the next landing as soon as possible,” said Steve Yurchik, acting administrator for NASA.

Falcon Heavy will deliver VIPER lunar rover. The device will search for water

NASA has announced that the SpaceX device willinclude a spacious cockpit and two airlocks for astronauts to walk on the moon. Its architecture suggests it can transform into a reusable launch and landing system.

Unlike the Apollo missions, NASA is preparing fora longer-term lunar presence, which it sees as a stepping stone to an even more ambitious mission of sending astronauts to Mars. At the same time, NASA will cooperate with private companies.

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