Specialists from Google, VK and Yandex: the main IT conference CrossConf will be held in Innopolis

The event will be attended by representatives of IT companies, leading developers from Google, VK, Yandex, Sberbank, VTB, OMP and

other companies.

According to the organizers, the idea of ​​CrossConf is to organize an opportunity to meet different members of the technology community - to create a community.

SEZ "Innopolis" is a partner of the event. Here, innovative ideas are developed and commercialized, and a business community is being created.

It is worth coming to Innopolis for the sake of new knowledge and acquaintances. It doesn't matter if you are an IT specialist, an entrepreneur or an investor - in order to move forward, you need to receive new information, compare yourself with others.

Ruslan Shagaleev, Mayor of Innopolis

The event will have eight thematic blocks:

  • Frontend & Backend. Relevant web development for everyone: from corporations to startups.
  • mobile development. How large corporations create and maintain applications.
  • AI. Reports on Computer Vision, trend architectures of neural networks.
  • Design & Product. Combine the interests of the user and business in one product, build and test a hypothesis.
  • management. Working IT project management practices.
  • HR. Secrets of market leaders to attract and retain the best specialists.
  • Digital Marketing & Content. On communications and promotion in technological segments.
  • Career & Education. Vectors of development and choice of directions for further growth.

One hour of live communication with a professionalcommunity will replace an entire online course, because this is the only way to understand where the global community is heading and assess where you are. This is how the ideas of new projects, new partnerships are born and the strategic vision of the business appears. We invite you to CrossConf!

Vadim Galeev, Deputy General Director for Development and Interaction with Residents of the Innopolis SEZ

Tickets for the conference are already on sale on the website crossconf.com.

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