Sperm cells are made from primate stem cells. It will help to overcome infertility in humans.

The authors of the new work grew functional sperm using embryonic stem cells


Researchers got immature sperm,or they are also called round spermatids, they used the embryonic stem cells of rhesus monkeys. As a result, the resulting sperm, according to the authors, can fertilize a monkey's egg.

The new technology can be applied to humans as well, since the reproductive mechanisms of rhesus monkeys are similar to those of humans.

This is a breakthrough in the development of treatments for male infertility in cases where men are unable to produce viable sperm.

Research text

Now the authors are going to implant the resulting embryos in a surrogate macaque to see if such an embryo can develop into healthy offspring.

If successful, the new strategy will become a promising treatment option for male infertility, the authors believe.

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