Sports AirPods: Apple Introduces Beats Powerbeats Pro Wireless Headphones

Two weeks after the release of Airpods, Apple officially introduced new headphones, but already under

Beats brand.

What changed

Beats Powerbeats Pro features SoCApple H1, the exact same one, is installed in the latest Airpods to work with the Siri voice assistant. The new product is designed for an active lifestyle - accordingly, the battery life was increased to 9 hours, additional protection from moisture was added and the wires were removed. So now Powerbeats are charged from the case, just like Airpods, and there is support for Fast Fuel fast charging. According to the manufacturer, even 5 minutes of recharge will be enough for the headphones to work for 1.5 hours.

Beats Powerbeats Pro will be available in fourcolors: white, brown, blue and black. You will have to pay from 250 US dollars for them. The sales start date has not yet been announced, but the official website says “soon.”