Square Enix announced Octopath Traveler for PC, but then changed its mind

A week ago, the Korean Rating Commission burned the PC version of Octopath Traveler. Now Square Enix has decided on its own

announce the port, but changed my mind.

What is known

A Gematsu journalist noticed a post on the studio’s blog,in which the developers talked about the release of Octopath Traveler on personal computers. The announcement said that on June 7, 2019 the game would appear on Steam and the Square Enix Store, but the Epic Games Store apparently remained suspended.

The developers hid the rest of the information from view.players. Let us remind you that Octopath Traveler tells the story of eight adventurers who follow their own goals. Nintendo Switch users gave the game 8.7 points for its deep combat system and unique style that combines 3D graphics and sprite characters.

Square Enix is ​​also working on a prequel undercalled Octopath Traveler: Tairiku no Hasha, but it will only be released on Android and iOS in 2019. The developers promise that this will be a free single-player game, but without multiplayer, so you won’t have to compare your wallet with other players.

You can buy Octopath Traveler for Nintendo Switch in eShop, and a physical copy is sold in the Rozetka store.