Square Enix Seeks Talents to Develop New Kingdom Hearts

For the first week, Kingdom Hearts 3 sold 610 thousand copies, and until February 2019, Square Enix sent

5 million drives to stores. It seems that the developers appreciated the interest of gamers in the series and are now preparing to develop a new game in the universe.

What is known

Gematsu noticed that Square Enix's divisionOsaka is recruiting a new team of employees. The company has posted vacancies for effects and interface designers, as well as a technical artist who will be involved in the development of the new Kingdom Hearts.

It’s not known exactly what Square Enix is ​​preparing fordeveloping a new part of the series or additions. The studio has already announced DLC Re: Mind for Kingdom Hearts 3, which is due to be released between December and February, so the team for the project is most likely assembled.

The ending of Kingdom Hearts 3 left room forcontinuation, because the release of Kingdom Hearts 4 does not seem unexpected. In addition, Square Enix has re-released the PS4 series games, so a new fan base has been assembled and is waiting to continue.