Square Enix upset fans: Marvel’s Avengers will not be released in May 2020

Square Enix announced that it will not have time to release the promised Marvel’s Avengers on time, because it is postponing the release of the project.

When to expect

Initially, the game was supposed to hit the shelvesstores already May 15, 2020. Now gamers will see the project only on September 4 on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and Google Stadia. According to Square Enix, developers will spend an additional four months on “fine-tuning and polishing the game” so as not to upset fans on the release.

“When we decided to present you our visionMarvel’s Avengers, we committed ourselves to creating an original storyline campaign with co-op and engaging content for years to come. Therefore, we will spend additional time on development, concentrating on fine-tuning and polishing the game in accordance with the high standards that our fans expect and deserve, ”the developer wrote on his blog.

Marvel’s Avengers will be nexta service game that should entertain players for years. For this, the developers prepared not only a story campaign, but also cooperative missions with tasks. In addition, the game will be regularly replenished with new characters, and players will be able to improve and combine the abilities of the characters to fit their playing style.

Source: VG247

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