Stadia may burn up your Chromecast, and Google doesn't know what to do about it

Even at the launch of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, users encountered problems. There have even been cases of breakdowns

from overheating and defective components. Google is positioning Stadia as a standalone platform to replace consoles, but has been unable to overcome the problems inherent in home gaming systems.

What is known

On the official Stadia subreddit, users began to complain about the first problems with the console. Moreover, the first players were upset not by poor response or performance, but by overheating.

To access Stadia, early adoptershad to buy the Founder's Edition or Premier Edition. The kit includes a three-month subscription, as well as a Chromecast Ultra media player, which allows you to stream the service's games to your TV screen. Stadia is a cloud service and all graphics calculations take place on Google servers, but apparently this doesn’t make it any easier for the player.

Early users complain about high heatChromecast Ultra, and the temperature is so high that the protection mechanism is triggered and the device turns off. Some players write that the Chromecast gets very hot, but can withstand long runs, while others do not have time to spend even ten minutes playing the game.

Google did not ignore reports of problems and commented on the situation in its own manner:

“We understand that device heat maycause concern, but we confirm that the Chromecast Ultra does not have any overheating issues. During normal use (such as watching cat videos on YouTube), the surface of the device may become warm, but it works as designed. Our team conducted extensive testing of hardware, services and games - including long sessions with games on Stadia and video - and did not detect any shutdowns due to overheating."

Google seemed to hint to users thatThe problem is not with Chromecast. Buyers didn’t like this answer, but some player owners note that the first versions of the console also got very hot, especially when watching 4K content. Additionally, Stadia runs games at 60 frames per second to improve responsiveness, which also stresses the system.

Since Google did not provide an official solution, there were also craftsmen on Reddit who made their own cooling system:

“Although the CCU (Chromecast Ultra) design hasheat distributor, it is located under a plastic cover. The plastic cover interferes with airflow, which is a shame. A plastic cover with holes that fits over the heatsink would be a cheap and easy solution."

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