STALKER 2 developers have announced a collaboration with Epic Games, but hold your torches

GSC Game World announced a collaboration with Epic Games, but apparently gamers shouldn't be afraid of EGS exclusivity.


The developers of STALKER 2 announced that the game will bedone on the Unreal Engine. According to GSC Game World, Epic's technology is best suited to implement the team's plans to create a tense atmosphere in the game. In addition, the developers promised back in December that they would make life easier for the creators of modifications and Unreal Engine would help with this.

“This [engine] makes it possible to make a game withtense atmosphere and mystery of the STALKER universe. Additionally, Unreal Engine aligns well with our goal of making modding easier and more accessible. User mods are keeping the Zone alive while we're busy making the sequel, and we couldn't be more grateful for that." – the developers wrote on Twitter.

Gamers are already accustomed to the fact that cooperation with EpicGames is leading to subsequent exclusive agreements, but this time things may turn out differently. GSC themselves understand that the announcement looks suspicious and hastened to reassure the audience:

“Yes, we know what you're thinking, but this announcement has nothing to do with platforms or digital stores. We will talk about it later"

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