STALKER 2 has acquired a website with the first image of the game and soundtrack

After the announcement of STALKER 2, the developers from GSC Game World suddenly became quiet and did not share new details with the players.

Since then, little has changed, but the game acquired a website and a Twitter account.

What is known

By going to, you can listen to and download the atmospheric soundtrack for the game, and also pick up the art for STALKER 2 in high resolution. The developers also decided to remind gamers about the past parts of the series and published links leading to the pages of the first three games on Steam.

Also yesterday on the official Twitter accountSTALKER 2 first entry appeared. GSC reminded that the game has been announced, and we will be able to play it no earlier than 2021. Please note that the account was created back in December 2018. Perhaps the developers decided to start sharing details about the game and became more active on social networks.