The developers of Star Wars: Fallen Order responded to comparisons of the game with Dark Souls

At the last Star Wars Celebration, Electronic Arts announced Star Wars: Fallen Order. Then gamers were only shown

a story trailer featuring heroes and villains, and gameplay details continued to be rumored.

What is known

The developers said that players will have a “thoughtfulcombat”, in which you will have to look for your opponent’s vulnerabilities. Gamers decided that Fallen Order would be similar to Dark Souls, but the game's director, Stig Asmussen, said he took inspiration from other projects.

In an interview with Press Start, the developer said that Star Wars: Fallen Order is more like Metroid or Legend of Zelda, and will not punish the player for every mistake.

"If you look at Zelda Wind Waker, everythe enemy is created a certain way, or even Metroid or something like that, the enemies are created a certain way, and after improvement you can come up with a new approach and maybe they won't seem as difficult as they used to be," said Stig Asmussen.

EA Community Relations Manager JayIngram added that the main character will receive abilities that will allow him to go to previously closed locations. So, although Star Wars: Fallen Order will be a linear game, gamers will be able to return to completed locations to find and explore new territories.