Starfiled will have a handy Fallout 4 weapon selection feature

Attentive fans have noticed that the Favorites menu system from Fallout 4 has made its way to Starfield in a recent video from

Bethesda, although the main theme of the video was notgame process. The video shows the developers playing Starfiled, and at one point, one of them can see a cross-shaped menu on the screen, in which the player can select a new weapon from a small list. This menu is very similar to the "Chosen" system from Fallout 4, where players could assign their favorite weapons to different destinations in this menu, allowing them to quickly switch weapons without further action.

In the video, you can also see othergameplay footage and snippets of storytelling elements that will keep fans guessing about the plot for months to come. Significantly more news and details are expected on June 11 at the Starfield Direct event.