Starship SN15 successfully completed two fire tests

The head of the corporation, Elon Musk, after the first test, said on Twitter that SpaceX is now preparing to launch SN15 in

air. The flight is scheduled for the end of this week.

The tests are needed in order to check the operation of the spacecraft before the flight, during which the device will be taken about 10 kilometers into the Texas sky.

SN15 will be the fifth prototype to attempt a 10-kilometer flight: its predecessors exploded on landing.

According to SpaceX, SN15 is the start of the second majorthe Starship test phase before the third, which already involves launches into space. The SN20 orbital prototype, which could arrive by July, will receive a full heat shield system and will be tested along with a stage separation mechanism (the SN20 ship will launch the huge Super Heavy BN3 reusable main stage).

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