State services want to be used as a platform for intraparty voting

The Ministry of Justice, together with the Central Election Commission (CEC), the Ministry of Finance and Rostelecom, are considering the portal

Public services as a platform for the internal partyvoting. The advantage of this function is that it will be possible to bring party meetings in correspondence format closer to the traditional congresses that were held in person. If the development is rated highly, it could be incorporated into current legislation.

As representatives of the Ministry of Justice told the publication, at the moment the online congress is possible subject to all the rules stipulated by the law.

Representatives of political parties reacted positively to the initiative, but the new development can be used, in their opinion, as a last resort.

In "United Russia" believe that "timely"the initiative of the Ministry of Justice can provide "one hundred percent verification of the event participant", "security in a pandemic", as well as "manufacturability, speed and huge savings in time and costs."

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