Steam Remote Play will allow you to run heavy PC games on weak hardware

Valve has released an update for Steam, in which it updated the remote launch feature of the game.

What is known

Steam in-home

Streaming allowed players to broadcast games withcomputer to other devices that are connected to the same home network. Now, players will not be limited to the walls of the dwelling, and will allow to run games on weak PCs anywhere in the world where Wi-Fi catches.

Valve nicknamed the Steam Remote Play feature,noting that she started experimentally. With the program, gamers will be able to broadcast games from one computer with Steam installed to another. From the user require only the Internet and connect to the data center Steam.

The company has already allowed to run PC games remotely.on Android, iOS and TVs, but this update is useful for gamers who do not want to part with the keyboard and mouse. Thus, a stable Internet and a laptop that will be able to run Steam will allow you to play the same GTA5 in the woods, a hotel, or on a bench near the house if your wife kicked out for a walk with the children.