Steam stopped selling the legendary game GTA IV

GTA IV is the same game after which many gamers realized that the series had finally ceased to be

entertainment for children and has evolved intotruly “adult” project. If not for GTA IV, it is unlikely that the world would have seen a serious plot in GTA V and both parts of Red Dead Redemption. Against the background of all this, it becomes even more offensive that the legendary project became unavailable at one of the most popular online platforms selling computer games.

Yes, we are talking about Steam, which remainedpage of the game, but at the same time lost any opportunity to purchase it. In addition, the sale of the GTA IV: Complete Edition kit, which included the game, was also suspended. So far, neither Valve nor Rockstar Games have reported the reasons for this incident.

By the way, it’s worth recalling that this is not the firstcase of “missing” GTA IV from Steam - previously the developer had already removed it from the digital shelves of the site due to the expiration of the license for the use of in-game music. True, then the game eventually returned to Steam over time. Should we expect a similar outcome this time, it is not clear.