Steam teases Valve's VR headset for which, according to rumors, a Half-Life prequel will be released

It looks like Valve is planning to release its own VR headset alongside the Half-Life prequel.

What is known

Steam users have noticed that digitalThe store has released a teaser for the Valve Index virtual reality helmet. The page contains a photo of the helmet and an inscription that promises to “upgrade your experience” in May 2019. It is possible that in a month there will be a full announcement of a VR headset from the creators of Steam.

Externally, the Index resembles a headset from HTC, andAccording to rumors, it will receive a 135° field of view and Knuckles EV2 VR controllers. The latter were already shown to the public when Moondust, a game based on the Portal universe, was announced. Note that in November, images of Valve’s VR headset were already leaked onto the Internet, and the devices shown in the teaser and in the leaked photos are similar.

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Also, according to rumors, it will be released along with the “helmet”.and a prequel to Half-Life. It's unlikely that there will be a three in the title, so Gabe won't break tradition. According to PC Games N, Valve will ship the game in the same box with the Valve Index and Knuckles EV2 controllers.