Steam users will be able to play Halo: The Master Chief Collection for free before release

Studio 343 Industries announced Halo: The Master Chief Collection on PC. The developers did not specify the release date, but gamers

will be able to test the game before its release.

What is known

343 Industries decided to launch the program on PCHalo Insider, which appeared on Xbox One when the developers were fixing the problems of the console Halo: MCC. Now gamers with personal computers will also become part of the community. They promised to release the collection not only in the Windows Store, but also on Steam, so everyone can participate.

When to expect

The developers warned that MCC would be releasedin parts, and Halo Reach will be tested first. The start of testing was never announced, but public relations manager Brian “Ske7ch” Jarrard said it would happen “sooner than gamers hope.”

Judging by the comments from the developers on Southby Southwest, a test version of The Master Chief Collection for PC is now ready. So now the team just needs to find enough volunteers for Halo Insider. You can register for the program here.