Steasy: the microwave in your bag

Literally today, Steasy showed a novelty of the same name, which will surely appeal to fans

homemade food away from home. Steasy is an electric lunchbox that can heat food with steam. It takes up no more space than any ordinary lunch container, but surpasses them in utility.

What is he doing

In order to take full advantage of this device, you need to charge the battery, pour water into a special tank, put your lunch in the container and close the lid tightly.

Steasy heats the water and turns it into steam,which warms your food without harm to its nutritional and taste properties. Moreover, there is a special application for this lunchbox, with which you can put food to bask 15 minutes before the lunch break.

The sales start date has not yet been announced, but apparently the mass release will not be long in coming.