Stellaris: Galaxy Command - Paradox galactic strategy game for Android and iOS

Paradox Interactive has pleased fans with another announcement. A couple of weeks ago the studio talked about Surviving Mars, and now

introduced players to Stellaris: Galaxy Command, a mobile version of the popular space strategy game.

What is known

In Galaxy Command, players will have to restorecivilization of the United Nations of Earth after the "interdimensional invasion". Managing their own orbital station, gamers will explore the universe, create alliances, trade and fight with other players. In addition, the universe will change based on the actions of gamers.

According to the developers, fans of the originalStellaris will feature familiar gameplay, but tailored for short gaming sessions. Strategy fans will also be able to see familiar characters and environments.

Stellaris:Galaxy Command will be released on Android and iOS, but not soon. So far, Paradox has launched the game in beta mode in Australia, New Zealand and Sweden. On the official website you can sign up for the newsletter about the game.