Steven Seagal advertised a fraudulent crypto startup and fled to Moscow, refusing to pay a $ 255,000 fine

Actor Steven Seagal fled to Moscow, refusing to pay the entire fine for advertising a cryptocurrency startup


What happened?

Steven Seagal became an ambassador in 2018startup Bitcoiin2Gen (two letters “i” in the name - not a mistake). The actor actively advertised the ICO campaign on his social networks. This helped the startup raise $ 75 million. But the music didn't last long.

In the spring of 2018, the Bureau of SecuritiesNew Jersey has stopped its initial coin offering to protect investors from fraud. Two years later, Steven Seagal was fined $ 314,000 by the Securities and Exchange Commission. The reason was the concealment of income received from advertising an ICO campaign.

Hollywood actor banned from participatingin advertising of shares and securities for three years. Segal agreed to pay a fine of $ 330,000. At the same time, only the first payment in the amount of $ 75,000 was made on time.

Having delayed all other payments ($ 255,000),Steven Seagal fled to Moscow. He received the citizenship of the Russian Federation in 2016. The Securities Commission obtained permission in court to collect fines and interest through a representative of the actor.