Still alive Fallout 76 will receive a new raid and a second card for the “royal battle”

Thanks to the bugs and lack of content, Fallout 76 had a hard start, and the project lost some of the audience,

which is Bethesda now plans to return.

What is known

In the post-apocalyptic MMO will add a new raid, the second card for the "royal battle", as well as private servers.

Fallout 76 will get another raid thatIt will now be held in Vault 94. According to the developers, this will be a difficult test, for the passage of which players are waiting for "worthy rewards." The raid was created for cooperative raids, but single-player gamers can go there on their own, although the creators of the activity called it masochism.

Vault 94 will open on August 20th. Bethesda also said that he was preparing a second raid, but did not announce the release date.

The Fallout 76 will also add a new map forthe local “royal battle” Nuclear Winter, which was named Morgantown. According to the developers, players are waiting for a more “urban setting”, as well as more verticality when compared to the previous map.

During the speech, Bethesda also recalledwhich will add NPC in future updates, and talked about private servers. Unfortunately, the specifics on the scene did not sound, but the developers assured that there will be private servers and even soon.

Here you can watch the entire performance with QuakeCon: