Stripes on the photo on the iPhone Xr: how to remove and why appear?

The Apple community is indignant: the number of negative reviews about the iPhone Xr camera has been noticeable lately

increased. Users complain about the color bars in the iPhone Xr photo. Their appearance for most owners seems a rather strange and inexplicable phenomenon. This error in the phone’s camera clearly spoiled the overall impression of the device. And alarming future buyers. In the service centers they shrug their hands and even having received a new device under warranty, users again encounter yellow stripes in the photo. What is the reason, from where the stripes appear and how to remove them, we will figure it out further ...

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Stripes on the photo on the iPhone Xr

Owners of the new iPhone Xr are puzzled why blue, yellow, green and other stripes appear on the photo. Here is what they write on the official forum:

iPhone XR runs on iOS 13.1.1, when I take a photo, everything looks fine in the Camera app. When I look at a photo in an album, it has vertical stripes of red / orange or green / yellow that distort the photos. This happens only on the main camera, this is not typical for a selfie camera. I think this happens only in the normal photo mode, and not in square, panoramic or portrait mode. I contacted Apple technical support, I was recommended to update the software, so I upgraded to iOS 13.1.2, but the problem remained. Not sure, maybe this is a problem with a camera malfunction? With LED lighting, the stripes in the xr photo are only worse, unlike natural light.

Why do streaks appear in the photo?

Multiple Users Consider ProblemIt is connected with the HDR mode. They recommend disabling the Smart HDR option in Settings and checking to see if blue-yellow stripes appear again in the Xr photo. As it turned out later, indeed, vertical stripes in the photo appear only in HDR mode. When you turn it off, the photos on the iPhone camera are correct. Unfortunately, this does not help everyone.

Accordingly, we can conclude that this problem on the iPhone Xr is programmatic in nature.

If the problem occurs only in photographsHDR is a software issue because HDR is created by combining three photographs taken in quick succession. If there are periodic flickering patterns in the lighting, the HDR algorithm can emphasize them. The goal of HDR is to make the structure in shadow and highlights more visible. You will also see reflections on the glass panel more clearly.

If you do not want the structure to be disclosed, in the settings you need to set the photo to be saved both in HDR and in the regular version, so that you can choose the best photo.

Another user clarified the situation, and, as it turned out, the point is not in HDR mode at all:

I have a new iphone XR, on 13.1.3. Stripes with contrasting colors appear on the HDR photo, this happens even in normal daylight ... More precisely, this happens when you, for example, have a bright light (window) in the photo area, but you focus on something dark, therefore appear color bars ... Most people say that they never had such an effect on iOS 12 ... it appeared when upgrading to iOS 13. This only happens when HDR is on - I agree. This happens on other models, for example, iPhone Xs / 6s max. 2-3 people said that they went to the Apple Store and exchanged a new camera module, and the problem disappeared, but one of them found another problem (bands, but smaller ones and others). One user said that this could be due to ESD during production. The reason is the damage to the microcircuit ... A couple of people said that this was due to the LED. This sounds logical, but I have to say no, as I said earlier that in the daytime the problem still exists.

How to fix this error?

Somewhat more annoying iPhone Xr ownersdecided to contact the Apple Store for an official explanation of the “strip on Xr photo” problem, showing distorted photos. Diagnostics of the phone did not give any results, and then a statement was made that the iPhone Xr camera is still malfunctioning. The phone was replaced, and there were no more problems with the camera. So is it all about software or is it a hardware marriage of the camera?

What surprises me most in this situation isthat Apple is a company that positions its smartphones as premium. It is very strange that at the stage of software quality control, the manufacturer does not detect these problems and errors. As a result, people who spend a lot of money on iPhones are forced to suffer and look for ways to solve problems on their own.

If your phone is still onWarranty, we recommend that you contact the official store where you bought it. It is possible that the problem is in the incorrectly calibrated camera, which should be fixed by the manufacturer. Since several customers have already managed to replace their phones or camera module, there is a chance that you are also lucky.

If this is not possible, a solution to the problemperhaps it will turn off the HDR mode, taking pictures not in the usual mode, but in the square photo mode, portrait or any other mode. The software update also does not help fix the bug - the stripes on the iPhone Xr photo still appear.