Genius in the studio: Hideo Kojima, author of Death Stranding, lit up the evening Urgant (video)

Hideo Kojima, creator of Metal Gear Solid and Death Stranding, visited the Evening Urgant show, where he talked about himself and played

in Street Fighter 2.

How was it

On the Internet, Kojima was called a genius, but he himselfa game designer does not consider himself such, although he strives for this. The author of MGS also noted that such attention puts pressure on him, but at the same time helps him become better, meeting the expectations of the players. Kojima's role models were artists, including director Tarkovsky.

Speaking about the creative process, Hideo said,which approaches game creation in a holistic way. Initially, the designer creates the overall picture, and then comes up with the details. For example, Kojima initially came up with a huge backpack behind the back of the main character, and then decided that Norman Reedus would wear it.