Study: Norway recycles 97% of all plastic waste in the country

The technology allows the country to recycle 97% of all plastic, especially plastic bottles, 92% of which

allow them to be reused for bottling drinks. No more than 1% of all plastic used in the country ends up in the environment.

The technology allows you to use the same plastic bottle at least 50 times. At the same time in the USA the level of processing of plastic bottles is no more than 30%, and in the UK - 20%.

In the traditional business modelIt is cheaper to create new plastic than to recycle the old one and use it. In Norway, when buying a plastic bottle, people pay a tax for using it at about $ 0.3. You can get them back by handing this bottle in a special vending machine. So in many European countries take glass bottles - this allows you to increase the amount of sorted garbage.

In addition to working with buyers, the country’s authorities have introducedenvironmental tax for plastics producers. Businesses can only avoid this if they use recycled bottles more than new plastic products.