Study: Ocean vessels will start operating on ammonia by 2024

In recent years, the shipping industry has been continuously creating alternatives to diesel, in

the result of combustion of which greenhouse gases appear. Shipping now produces 2% of all carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere - about as much as the entire German industry.

Ammonia production is also global.carbon source. The Royal Society report says that ammonia production now generates 1.8% of global CO2 emissions - more than any chemical industry. Despite this, in the coming years, scientists will create carbon-free ammonia, during the production of which CO2 emissions do not go into the atmosphere, but are destroyed in special underground storage facilities.

There is another problem with burning ammonia -Nitrogen oxides, which are also greenhouse gases, are emitted during this process. To destroy these emissions, in the coming years, scientists will have to create additional purification schemes for these gases.

At the same time, Man Energy already exists.Solutions, which is developing a two-stroke engine for ocean-going ships, will run on ammonia. According to company spokesman Peter Kirkeby, he will be ready by 2024. The first ships to operate on ammonia will be ships transporting ammonia for fertilizer.

According to company representatives, the cost of ammonia will correspond to the price of other alternative fuels, such as liquefied petroleum gas, liquefied natural gas or methanol.