Study: sharks mistake humans for seals

The authors of the work were able to test in practice how sharks perceive swimming models of people and animals. Before

For this, scientists studied the neurobiology of the visual systems of white sharks.

Doctor of Science, Researcher of Sensory SystemsLaura Ryan said that they used several movable cameras that moved at the speed of predatory sharks, and stationary GoPro cameras underwater. Scientists filmed videos of people swimming in different styles and on different sized surfboards, as well as seals and sea lions. Then the authors of the work created special programs to simulate the way a young white shark processes the movements and shapes of various objects.

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Researchers have found that surfers, swimmersand pinnipeds (seals and sea lions) on the ocean surface look the same to a shark because it does not see fine details or color differences. Smaller surfboards, however, are more difficult to distinguish from animals and are therefore more tempting prey than longboards.

Professor Nathan Hart, who leadsThe Neuroscience Lab believes that as they grow, sharks develop an image to search for prey and combine it with other sensory information. This learning process can be flawed. Therefore, despite good eyesight, young sharks are more dangerous to humans than old ones.

“Now sharks are endangered.Our fear of them has led to the use of nets and other defenses that threaten the life of marine life. Understanding why they attack humans will help prevent attacks while keeping both humans and sharks safe, ”said Laura Ryan.

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