Study: Successes and failures in love affect men's views

Scientists have said that the popularity of a man in romantic acquaintances can affect his sexuality.

attitudes and even views on socio-political issues. Discuss

The study involved 237 singleheterosexual young people. They first rated their own level of desirability as a romantic partner and then recorded a short video about themselves explaining why they would make a good partner. Participants were told that five girls would watch the video and give feedback. In anticipation of video reviews, the guys filled out questionnaires and looked through the page, on which links to videos slowly appeared one after another.

However, in reality, the video responses werepre-recorded by actors and actresses. Participants received feedback randomly. Then they again filled out questionnaires in which they indicated their political views.

“We found that unpopular men reportedabout less support for the idea of ​​​​casual sex than popular ones, ”the scientists said. In addition, such participants were less supportive of an increase in the minimum wage and greater access to health care.