Study: Two cups of grapes a day can help you live longer

A series of new studies published in the journal Foods show the positive effect of grapes on

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Experts have found that adding about twocups of table grapes per day to a high-fat Western diet led to a reduced risk of fatty liver disease and increased lifespan in mice.

Lead author of the study, professorJohn Pezzuto, from the College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences at Western New England University, stated that grapes enhance the body's antioxidant system and also prevent the development of fatty liver disease.

The study also showed a positive effect of grapes on the microbiota of mice. It is noted that more research is needed to establish the effect of these berries on humans.

However, grapes cannot compensate for bad eating habits. Experts believe that a healthy and balanced diet is more effective than adding grapes to a fatty diet.

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