Study: which people are more likely to "merge" other people's intimate photos

A new study has found that certain attitudes, personality traits and demographics

associated with the willingness to share someone else's intimate picture without the consent of the person. Discuss

Scientists interviewed 816 students.They were asked to agree or disagree with statements such as: "Women should be flattered if a partner or ex-partner shows nude pictures of them to some close friends"; “Women tend to exaggerate how much it affects them if their intimate photo gets on the network”; "A woman who sends an intimate photo to her partner shouldn't be surprised if it ends up online." Participants were also measured for Machiavellian, narcissistic, psychopathic, and sadistic personality traits.

The researchers found that all four traitsdark personality were associated with greater agreement with the above statements. Men and heterosexuals were more likely to agree with the phrases. These same people were more likely to share someone's intimate photos without consent.