Sub-Ziro's ice ax from Mortal Kombat 11: is it dangerous in reality?

Scientists from the Because Science channel, who launched the show The Science of Mortal Kombat this year, decided to test ice

Sub-Zero's axe.

What came out of it

The weapon looks really menacing, butThe ending with finishing is always forcing the lovers of bloody games to move closer to the screen. The leading The Science of Mortal Kombat wondered if the ax would be just as deadly in real life. They made it entirely of ice and tried to hit the silicone head. The rival turned out to be beyond the strength of the weapon and it broke, even without touching the enemy.

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In the second attempt, the guys used to toppieces frozen mixture of water and napkins. The handle was replaced with a more solid wooden. This time the ax did not break, but it did not cause any serious damage. How it all happened, you can see in the video.

Source:Because Science