Suddenly: Vivo X80 Pro + is scheduled for September. Or not?

While Chinese whistleblowers are revealing the secrets of the upcoming Vivo X90 flagship series, with a surprise exclusive

the news was published by GSMArena.Citing a “reliable industry source”, it reports Vivo plans to introduce a new X-series device in September. It is noted that the device will not be a minor update of current flagships, and therefore the publication concludes that Vivo plans to introduce the ultimate Vivo X80 Pro + camera phone. However, we take the liberty of questioning this statement.

The fact is that, firstly, projects of such importantdevices rarely do without insider leaks long before the release, and there are no such leaks in relation to the X80 Pro +. Secondly, Vivo is indeed planning to introduce a big upgrade of the X-series smartphone in September: however, we are talking about the Vivo X Fold S, which, most likely, was hinted at by the GSMArena industry informant.

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