Superconducting foam can be used for docking ships in space

Superconductors are magnetic metals in which electrical resistance disappears at low temperatures.

temperatures. They are used to create strong magnetic fields or levitation effects. Rarely are such superconductors larger than 2 cm in size due to their fragility.

This lack of superconductors decided to create a superconducting foam - in this form, such metals can be used in almost any size, while they fully retain their properties.

“An international team of scientists has proven thatA large sample of superconducting foam has a stable and strong magnetic field. Unlike conventional superconductors, foam is a lightweight and durable material with the ability to produce large samples. It can be used in space for easier and more careful docking of spacecraft and the collection of space debris. "

Press Service of the Ministry of Education and Science

Scientists have suggested using suchsuperconducting foam for work in space, especially with satellites, in the launch of which very necessary low weight. In addition, with its magnetic properties, foam can attract almost all existing space debris.