Surface Phone promises to be the return of the year

The modern market is literally flooded with hundreds of different types of smartphone brands. Taking away from this sea

Apple products, we get a hugean army of smartphone manufacturers that are united by one very important detail - the operating system on which the devices run. Today, the consumer chooses, in fact, only from two operating systems, and when deciding in favor of one, all that remains is to choose the appropriate model to meet the conditions and capabilities. At the moment, iOS and Android systems simply have no competitors or alternatives in the smartphone segment.

Competition is possible

However, this year may bring sometouches to this idyll. And Microsoft is going to do this, which intends to soon present its new smartphone Surface Phone, running Windows 10.

Where does this information come from? The fact is that in test builds of Windows 10, which some users are currently testing (builds for insiders), users found unusual drivers, as well as special APIs responsible for mobile technologies: phone calls, advanced Bluetooth capabilities, and so on. Of course, this could be explained by the fact that Microsoft would allow laptops, computers, and Window tablets to use telephony capabilities if they have radio modules for SIM cards. But it sounds completely unconvincing. So, another version was automatically born.

Appearance of Surface Phone?

According to the basic version, the American corporationis developing a new smartphone on the top ten with the name of the successful Surface Phone product line. Now the company is preparing the soil to make the announcement as efficiently as possible. Then there will be a start of sales. If the version gets to the point, then testers will find support for all new mobile features and information about the new smartphone in every new Window 10 build. Of course, many traces are seen in the Redstone 5 assembly package, the official release of which is scheduled for this fall.

That is, already this autumn we can getcompatible with mobile phones version of the tenth of Windows. It is obvious that a corporation would hardly have included additional functions in a public assembly, not a special one, without a sufficient reason. So, there is a high probability that the smartphone from Microsoft on the top ten presumably Surface Phone will be released this year. And if it comes out, it will automatically become the most high-tech mobile device in its segment.

Presumably, the Surface Phone screen willfolding with Super AMOLED matrix. This will allow you to lay out the smartphone in the kind of ultrabook. The board will have a Snapdragon 845 processor from Qualcomm, possibly with increased frequencies, RAM up to 10 gigabytes, and a drive - half a terabyte. It may also be a special docking station that turns the smartphone into a full-fledged desktop PC.

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