Surface Phone users can not wait

Are you still hoping to wait for the mythical Surface Phone? Unfortunately, the news for the waiting people is not very good -

the platform is rather dead than vice versa.Which, in fact, is confirmed by the Microsoft management itself in the person of the second person in the corporation, Joe Belfiore. In his messages on his official account, he confirmed that no new devices on the Windows Mobile platform are planned to be created. As well as creating new functions for the OS. It is clear that this was not said at the conference; most likely, such a statement will not be made at all, however, this does not prevent the mobile Windows project from being safely buried.

The very same Vice-President of the company MelkomyagkihHe admitted that for the sake of diversity he personally changed the platform. The choice fell on the iPhone, then, after this recognition, the scandal almost broke out, but today the message about the termination of work on the platform looks like a simple statement of a fait accompli.

However, this does not mean that already releaseddevices will lose support, no, everything will go in a regular mode: corrections, updates, technical support. It is unknown how long this will continue, but Microsoft is unlikely to let down its corporate clients, so it will hold on as long as possible. However, at the same time, the company makes it clear to them that there will not be any new software products in this segment. In this light, you should not even think about the Surface Phone, at least in the foreseeable future.


Due to this change in the course of the corporationthat around Windows Mobile, there wasn’t any significant community of programmers-developers, and there were no significant investments in this area. Yes, Microsoft tried to encourage developers to create software for the platform, paid good money, and with the advent of Windows 10, the situation seemed to improve, but everyone understands that time is lost, and the platform should not be reanimated.

Despite the fact that Microsoft is quite largethe company, and break the vicious circle, which fall into mobile platforms that are not Android or iOS, can easily, she does not hurry. Apparently, interest in the segment at the top of the corporation faded away.

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