Survey: experts compared IT education in Russia, USA, India and China

In all countries of the sample, students passed a standardized two-hour computer science test,

created for research by the company Educational Testing Service. Within its framework, participants had to answer questions about programming, software engineering and information management.

The leader of this test were senior students.US technological universities. Students from Russia, China and India scored the same number of points. Moreover, even the average American student received more points than 80% of students from the second group.

With all the demand for specialists in the fieldcomputer science, we do not know very well about the quality of university training in IT areas in different countries. This study is the first step towards understanding the level of computer science education in the USA, China, India and Russia.

Academic Director of the Higher School of Economics Institute of Education Isak Frumin


Recently Innopolis University ranked firstat once in two ratings - by the number of passing points among applicants entering paid places, as well as among all non-state universities of Russia.